“Fort Lauderdale is our home and birthplace. It’s where we got our start," Jeff Lloyd says.
“Fort Lauderdale is our home and birthplace. It’s where we got our start," Jeff Lloyd says.
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After Nearly a Decade, The Heavy Pets Still Love What They Do

Few bands in South Florida, or anywhere, for that matter, have put in the hours of effort that the Heavy Pets have clocked in their nearly ten-year lifespan. And for the R&B, jazz-funk, reggae-fusion rock band, all of that work has really paid off. After traveling across the country, the Heavy Pets are gearing up for a big South Florida return that will land them onstage at Culture Room this Saturday.

But for the band, all the touring hardly feels like a job. At least, guitarist and vocalist Jeff Lloyd doesn’t think so. “It’s really hard to call it work. Don’t get me wrong: It definitely is work, but we love doing it more than anything in the world,” he says. “The icing on the cake is we get to share this with others.” With more than a thousand shows under their belt, the Heavy Pets certainly have shared their love with a whole bunch of people. And the band shows no signs of stopping now. “We’ve been having so much fun in the rehearsal studio lately. We’ve been learning all of these different covers, which we usually don’t rely on too heavily, as well as a bunch of new material and often-unplayed older stuff.”

The Heavy Pets playing in Live Oak, Florida.EXPAND
The Heavy Pets playing in Live Oak, Florida.
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The Heavy Pets recently returned to Florida to perform at the AURA Music & Arts Festival in Live Oak. The fest has grown greatly in its six-year existence and developed a fiercely loyal following. The Heavy Pets are part of that following and couldn’t be happier to be involved with the festival. “It’s been amazing to see Aura grow the way it has,” Lloyd says. “It’s always an amazing time, and everyone who runs it is so near and dear to our hearts. Such a fun weekend of debauchery.”

But for now, the guys have their eyes on Fort Lauderdale. “All of the covers and new material we’ve been working on has been for our latest string of shows, and we’re going to condense it for our big homecoming show at the Culture Room.” If that doesn’t get you excited as a Heavy Pets fan, check your pulse.

The bandmates are thrilled to come back to Broward, a place they feel helped shape them. “Fort Lauderdale is our home and birthplace. It’s where we got our start. It’s amazing to be able to take all of the influence, changes, and experiences we’ve had and get to have them with our most faithful fan base.” 

The Heavy Pets with the Politix snd Jay Johero. Saturday, April 4, at Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale.Tickets Cost $12 plus fees. Call 954-564-1074, or visit cultureroom.net. Ages 18 and older.

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