And Even More Freestyle: Q&A With Sa-Fire

Sa-Fire is the singer of the memorable Freestyle hits "Don't Break My Heart" and "Boy, I've Been Told."

José el Rey: Sa-Fire, thanks for being right on time! What are you up to?

Sa-Fire: I'm always very punctual. If you're ever late, you might miss a great opportunity. My new single "Exotique" is number one on Masterbeat!

Are you going to perform this new jam in Miami?

Yeah! Hopefully, Miami will embrace it. It's very house, very sensual. It has gone over incredible! I played it at the Taj Mahal in front of thousands. They loved it!

Miami knows how to party, so if the song makes us want to dance you have nothing to worry about!

People have lost that. Because, wow, back in the days we'd get dressed up to go out. I don't even see people dancing anymore! The whole point back then was wanting to dance.

How do you feel about the current wave of freestyle reunion concerts?

Freestyle will live forever! Twenty-some years later, I am blessed I have fans that will still go out and support me!

Who influences you?

Morrissey, Duran Duran, and now Beyonce and Britney spears. I love early Madonna. To be a true legend at your game you need the full package.

Any final thoughts or messages?

I cannot believe that people still like me, I am humbled. There's nothing I can ask for, that the fans haven't giving me already. I feel blessed.

Freestyle Invasion II. Featuring Taylor Dayne, Debbie Deb, Johnny O, Judy Torres, Erotic Exotic, David of Nice & Wild, Company B, Reinaldo, Freestyle Evolution, Timmy T, Corina, Sa-fire, Rockell, Sequal, and Voice in Fashion. Saturday, May 30. BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Dr., Coral Gables. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., tickets cost $28 to $58. 305-284-8244;

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Jose el Rey