Angry Pudding Ready to Seethe at Propaganda

Pretty soon, "female" rockers will take center stage compliments of the upcoming wide release of The Runaways flick. However, for people in the know, all-girl bands like Eyeliners, Emily's Sassy Lime, L7, and Bikini Kill have been making rackets for a long time, plus That Dog and the Breeders prove that a more feminine brand of punk rock is the real deal. Florida's always been pretty savvy to that action (Morbid Opera, Screaming Sneakers, the Gargirls, anyone?), and it's no surprise that West Palm's Angry Pudding has slowly been forging its delicious tapioca identity. Screamy, reverby, low-fi punk rock with attitude is always welcome, especially when it goes beyond the brash hairdos and rockabilly tattoos.

Joining the fun onstage will be Fort Lauderdale's garage rockers the Dirty Boxes, the clothes-optional Instant Whips, and Lake Worth's the Come Ons. The latter have been at it for well over a decade and may or may not have the wondrous bass stylings of Nancy Mae for an awesome gal-powered night.

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Abel Folgar