Beyond the Burning Bible: Marilyn Manson's Six Best Comedic Cameos

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Everyone knows Marilyn Manson. He's the Antichrist Superstar, the shock-rock showstopper, the Bible-tearing, breast-wearing weirdo who was once rumored to have had his lower ribs removed so he could S his own D.

Some fans dig deeper and learn more about Brian Warner, the onetime journalism student at Broward Community College who speaks eloquently and knowledgeably on subjects like politics, art theory, religion, and modern society.

Perhaps my favorite Manson of all is the one who is neither himself nor his famous on-stage persona. I most thoroughly enjoy Warner the comedic actor. I love him as a hapless schoolboy, a powerful crow master, a drugged-out drag queen, and, yes, even as a puffed-up and immature version of himself.

In anticipation of Manson's upcoming performance with Slipknot Friday, July 1, we take a look at his lesser-known roles. Come with me now as we enjoy the lighter side of Mr. Warner.

6. Jawbreaker, 1999. Here we witness one of Manson's first and possibly creepiest comedic appearances. He plays the Stranger, a brief and perfectly slimy role opposite then-girlfriend Rose McGowan. Watch as he licks his pedo-mustache-adorned lips with impeccable skeeze; then witness him befoul the teenage murderess. It's damn funny. Disgusting, but funny.

5. Party Monster, 2003. The Antichrist Superstar dons extra glitter and fishnets and transforms into the languid and lewd Christina Superstar, one fabulously freaked icon of the '90s NYC Klub Kid scene. The film is based on the true story of infamous party promoter Michael Alig and his dark descent into murderous madness, and our boy Manson is around for the ride — literally. He drives the party bus... on acid. In this role, it's not what he says but rather what he gurgles.

4. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, 2010. Don't be mean to crows, bro, or you'll get your eyes pecked out by stuffed birds until Marilyn Manson appears in a horrifying '80s Hair Metal God wig and drawn-on beard and mustache combo. Then he'll turn you into bird tchotchkes. Wait, what?

3. Wrong Cops, 2012. This is hands-down my favorite weirdo Marilyn Manson role. David Dolores Frank (entering at 3:33 in "Wrong Cops," Chapter 1, on YouTube) is not a "re-tarded person." He is not a prostitute. He doesn't want to listen to your, if he may, "piece that sounds like a man with his balls trapped in a washing machine." Chapter 1 was the extended teaser trailer to the totally strange full-length feature directed by French surrealist producer Mr. Oizo, which is worth watching in full if you're totally whacked (and we're assuming if you enjoy Manson's music, you probably are).

2. Californication, 2013. OK, so he's playing himself. But he's playing the worst and most infantile version of himself. He's just here for the narcotics and to destroy the mind of your impressionable child. Even Hank Moody is no match for Manson's charm. Jokes about AIDS are charming, right?

1. Eastbound and Down, 2013. "How about this roller-skating nerd right here?" How many times do you think Brian Warner heard that in his life before he grew his hair out and started wearing eyeliner? How many times do you think he heard it after? Maybe that's what you should say to him at Friday's concert. We bet he'd fuckin' enjoy it.

Marilyn Manson

With Slipknot and Of Mice and Men. Friday, July 1. The Perfect Vodka Amphitheater, 601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and tickets cost $23-$63 plus fees via livenation.com. Call 561-795-8883, or visit amphitheater-fl.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.