Billy Talent's Frontman on Their Evolving Sound: "It Feels Good, and It Tastes Good"

Pop-punk is alive and well.

Canadian genre torchbearers Billy Talent are still reppin' their experimental, melodic-angst punk from the early '90s (the band started as Pezz and later changed their moniker due to legal issues). Frontman Benjamin Kowalewicz's pungent shrill, Ian D'Sa's towering riffs, Jonathan Gallant's valiant bass-backup vocal combo, and Aaron Solowoniuk's sturdy percussion still riotously echo themes of anti-government and the lamenting of sour breakups. Only difference is, the dudes are grownups now. And what better place to keep shredding than the hormonal mosh pit of the Vans Warped Tour?

County Grind caught up with frontman Kowalewicz before their visit to West Palm Beach this weekend to get the lowdown on the success of Billy Talent's latest album, Dead Silence, the wackiest sights they've seen at the annual rock festival thus far, and how they've evolved from angry, teenage rebels.

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Jessica Militare