Black Locust Society Presents: Swarm 7 "Spring Break Forever" on March 10

There is no denying the fact that Fort Lauderdale is the ultimate spring break destination. As March rolls in, so will the tank-top sporting, flip-flop-wearing, fist-pumping college kids. Beers in one hand, frozen drinks in the other, the soon-to-be-sunburned masses will take over the sand and surf. But, who's to say the beach is the only place to celebrate spring break?

On Saturday, March 10, local creative collective Black Locust Society returns yet again to throw the seventh installment in its series of anything-goes warehouse parties. It's safe to say you should get those beer koozies ready, as "Swarm 7 -- Spring Break Forever" takes over your weekend.

Lavola, Suede Dudes, Jabrjaw, and Dee Dubbs provide the party jams, and a special Black Locust Society showcase features Bleubird, Protoman, Astrea Corporation, and Gaps. The pop-up gallery will display the work of Erick Arenas, Rev. Beck, Danny Brito, Jinx Remover, Chris Hill, and Rob Herrera. Drippy Eye will be swirling your brains with its psychedelic visual ways. And the list goes on... Screen printing? Yes. The PS561 food truck? Yes. Photo booth to make it impossible to forget those drunken moments? Oh, hell yes. There is never a cover. The beer is free. And the "Wheel of Millionaires" may just get you lucky.

Swarm 7 "Spring Break Forever", Saturday, March 10 at the Black Locust Society Warehouse, 500 SW 21st Terr., Fort Lauderdale. Visit Facebook.com/BLS954.

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