Booty and Swagger

The Freakin Hott was grafted from the limbs of shattered tables left over one evening after an extremely long-winded, at times painful, at times glorious, open-mic session at Delray Beach's Dada. This particular evening had included a few too many cocktails, a weather-beaten and worn-out cassette copy of the Replacements album Let It Be, the latest Moldy Peaches record, and a certain amount of visceral sexual aggression. At least, that's what it sounds like when they are on stage doing the thing that they do. Mary-Margaret (vocals, tambourine, ass) and Aaron Gentry (guitars, swagger) have managed to log a very nice entry into the South Florida rock 'n' roll lexicon, following last year's long-anticipated release, Slip on the Lips, with a new drummer and a string of booze-fueled, glam-inspired dates around the armpit of America. The show is best-prepared for via a few adult beverages and a meditation session accompanied by Girls, Girls, Girls on 11.
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D. Sirianni