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Boyz II Men

It must be hard to be Hanson — you know, the brothers who "MMMBop"ed their little-boy androgyny onto the walls of many a preteen girl's bedroom in the late '90s. Guess what? They grew up, like even the most unwilling adolescents have a tendency to do. Checking into their just-released CD/DVD greatest-hits/new-songs package, I had half hoped to find that the guys had morphed into one of those metrosexual emo-hardcore acts that litter Hot Topic. It would be the logical step, I figured, seeing as they're probably big My Chemical Romance fans by now. Instead, the album opens with a great version of "Optimistic" by Radiohead and a cover of U2's "In a Little While." They're a bit reminiscent of another band of brothers, the equally ridiculed Bee Gees, who had a great career before and beyond the disco era. Still, it must be hard to be Hanson; I mean, who wants to tour with them? They're not exactly the hammer of the gods.

Hanson plays at 7 p.m. Sunday, October 23, at Club Cinema, 3251 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach. Tickets cost $28. Call 954-785-5224.

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Tim Moffatt

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