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Carole King and James Taylor Back on the Road Together

Talk about déjà vu — it's starting to seem like the early '70s all over again... with the nation polarized by internal rage and fierce divisions, American troops bogged down in yet another never-ending conflict, another Nixon running for office (yup, Tricky Dick's grandson's making a bid in Connecticut), and James Taylor and Carole King on the road together again.

This reunion comes nearly 40 years after these tireless troubadours first connected and practically invented the singer/songwriter genre each in their own right. Of course, neither needs any introduction. Between the two of them, Taylor and King penned enough sentimental standards to supply a year's worth of weddings, songs that resurface daily via classic-rock radio, barroom balladeers, cozy sing-alongs, and wherever and whenever a reliable oldie is called for.

The duo's recently released Live at the Troubadour offers an appropriate teaser. Recorded during their 2007 reunion at the Los Angeles landmark venue on the Sunset Strip, it finds the duo accompanying each other in a broad sweep of simpatico standards like "Fire and Rain," "It's Too Late," "You've Got a Friend," and various other tunes that inevitably encourage aging boomers to nod with appreciation. Bearing more than mere nostalgia, this pair promises to make their concert a truly auspicious occasion, not to mention a genuine love fest for audience and performers alike.

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Lee Zimmerman