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Catch Oriente Live at Wynwood Social Club

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So I was chillin' in my friend Eric's basement with our crew, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, and our wacky foreigner, FES the other day and we were like, "hey Eric, you know what'd be cool? If Red let us bring beer down here!  AND if we could bring cool-ass bands to friggin' rock this joint (the basement, not a literal joint)." Then I realized I wasn't in Eric's basement at all.  Because he's a fictional character played by Topher Grace. Likewise, the rest of the crew was a figment of my imagination, constructed from roles played by various other actors, including Mr. Ashton Moore.

But I'm not entirely crazy. There is such a place -- a basement, where proof of ID allows you the right to bring in your own beer when you come to enjoy live entertainment. It's called the Wynwood Social a real social club, only snazzier. It's fashioned to look like a friend's basement, and opens every Saturday from 8pm - 1am.

This Saturday, Oriente lays down their Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz hybrid.  It promises to be a killer show in this laid-back and intimate setting. You definitely won't want to miss it. And if you come, can you bring me a sixer of MGD? I promise to get you back when you arrive.

Oriente plays the Wynwood Social Club (2501 Northwest 2nd Avenue) this Saturday. Cover is $10...but you get to bring your own booze, which is a dollar saver beyond belief.

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