Charged GBH Brings Old-School Punk to Culture Room

Charged GBH was formed in 1978 by singer Collin Abrahall and guitarist Colin Blyth. Usually associated with the UK82 scene that begat the Exploited, Disorder, Discharge, and the Varukers, GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm), as it's popularly known, has survived plenty during the past 30 years: from revolving-door rhythm sections to fluctuating nuances of the genre — thrash and metal entered the fray — to punk rock's commercialization to thinning hairlines. Along the way, GBH suffered a little dismissal at times because of the punk fashion it extolled in its early days, which unnecessarily branded them "cartoon" punks because of the liberty spikes and extreme Mohawks.

Look no further than its breakthrough album, 1982's City Baby Attacked by Rats, which is a classic of the genre and positively identified as the inspiration source for many a punk to take on the punkdom mantle. (Rancid, anyone?) Currently touring in support of its 11th and latest offering, Perfume and Piss, on Rancid-run Hellcat Records, like a shot in the barrel, GBH will pull from three decades of rocking out and giving the world at large two firm, swinging middle fingers.

GBH, attacked by rats.

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Abel Folgar