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Citizen Cope - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - September 14

Citizen Cope
Revolution Live
Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

Better than: Every other Gen X songwriter.

The evening began with a bout of silence. It was unexpected, considering reggae band, Bushwood, was scheduled to woo the masses outside of Revolution Live prior to a night of enchantment from Citizen Cope. Just six hours before the main event, the local act received notice of cancellation due to their zany promotional efforts. The quartet was fired from the gig for claiming to be the 'opening act' of the night, as the venue (and artist team) promised simply "An Evening with Citizen Cope."

As news circulated of Bushwood's termination, early arrivers were left to their own defenses. It was a buzzkill. 

Waiting for Citizen Cope to take the stage felt like slow torture. We considered sprinting quickly for that double-whiskey, but were too worried the show would start just as soon as we left our claimed real estate. Parched and waiting, we were thirsty and anxious for main event.

That was, until the object of our affection entered the stage an hour later than expected, and tabled that yearning for a watered-down Crown Royal. The atmosphere -- which was set by the wafting of dank nugs and swirls of smoke from electronic cigs -- was strange, but all-encompassing. The vibe transitioned when Clarence Greenwood finally graced the stage. Any feelings of resentment faded with the first notes of "Bullet and a Target," a power ballad that got the attention of the stoned onlookers. A bit off-key at first, Cope still opened with a bang. 

The crowd warmed up to the tardy crooner's presence with the Richie Havens' inspired "Hurricane Waters." Cope's audience interaction grabbed the room's attention. Blue waves blanketed the background stripes of the LED screen behind the stage. It was ten minutes in when Cope delivered a commanding yet soulful "Every Waking Moment." The musician grinned at the crowd, and fans, for the first time that night, returned lyrics to the towering songster before them.

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