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Concert Announcements: G. Love & Special Sauce and Keller Williams

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​You know the streak of "No Jam Band Announcements" couldn't continue. Today it's a one man jam band and a band that, while not technically a jam band, plays the same festivals and is generally adored by the same crowds.

Keller Williams is, quite simply, a one man jam band. Not in a strap a dozen instruments to yourself kind of way. Williams is just  a jack of all musical trades, blending bluegrass, folk, rock, reggae, jazz, and electronic music into a wholesome, patchouli soaked sound. He's released 14 albums since 1994 including his most recent "Odd". In a move that ensures undying loyalty from his fans (and unending supplies of digitally available live music) Keller also encourages his fans to record and share his live shows, despite the fact he's shilling a couple officially released live albums. Tickets for the February 26 show at Revolution Live go on sale Friday through Ticketmaster.

I have a special place in my heart for just about everything that comes from my hometown of Philadelphia. That being said, it took me a very long time to come around to enjoying G. Love & Special Sauce. Honestly, I absolutely refused to listen to his music because of how abhorrent I felt the name was. It sounds like some sort of awful pornographic movie shot in a dingy fast food restaurant. Then I happened past them during a Langerado festival and my opinion changed. Granted, I didn't know who I was listening to at first, but the bluesy alterna-hip-hop sounds coming from the stage were oddly compelling. Do yourself a favor: Get past the god awful name and hit the jump to hear a little of what Mr. Love and his Sauce have to say to you. Tickets for the show at Culture Room on March 25 go on sale this Saturday through Ticketmaster.

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