Concert Announcements: The Mosh Lives II Tour at Culture Room and Air at Fillmore

via Flickr user Little02
​Great news for people who are in to punching other people in the face during shows: Air is coming to the Fillmore in Miami. Air (which stands for Amour, Imagine, Reve, or Love, Imagination, Dream in the language of love) are probably best known in the states for their stark and amazing work on the Virgin Suicides soundtrack back in 2000. The ambient electronic rockers straight out of Versailles France just released Love 2, their sixth studio album, to rave reviews. Of course nothing brings out the violence like watching people groove out to laid back Frenchmen laying out downtempo trip hop. (If you in any way agree with the previous statement, get professional help... or just keep reading). Tickets are available starting tomorrow through Live Nation.

If you'd rather not get arrested for punching people during a concert, I'd suggest heading out to Culture Room on February 16 for the Mosh Lives II Tour. Emmure, a deathcore band from Connecticut (the heart of deathcore), Metal core rockers Terror, After the Burial, Thick as Blood, and Miss May I round out the most aggressive show of the New Year. Brush up on your air kicking, penny picking, and windmill punching before picking up your tickets through Ticketmaster.

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Brett Gillin