Concert Announcements: Warped Tour at Cruzan and Mariah Carey at Hard Rock Live

via Flickr user Wentbackward
​It wasn't too long ago that Mariah Carey was America's favorite train-wreck. Nine years ago, Mariah was riding high as one of the best selling and most adored singers of a generation. Her albums consistently sold tens of millions of records, she was on MTV every few minutes, and she was on the cover of almost every major magazine. Then, around 2001, things started to crumble. Her marriage with record mogul Tommy Mottola dissolved very publicly, suffered an emotional breakdown, was dropped from her record label, and she released the film Glitter. Things didn't get much better: her next few albums sold terribly and were critically panned and Carey decided to get some musical help. In 05 she got with Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri to help her produce her tenth album, The Emancipation of Mimi, which became the best selling record of the year. Her audience and fanbase returned and Carey is climbing her way back to the top of the pop world.  On January 21, you can witness her "Angel's Advocate" tour at Hard Rock Live and decide for yourself if she's back on top, or if she's just prepping herself for another massively entertaining meltdown. Tickets will be available soon through Ticketmaster.

Even though we're smack in the middle of December, it's not too early to start planning for festival season. It doesn't look like Langerado will be coming back, so the biggest festival coming to West Palm Beach next year is going to be Warped Tour. The "punk rock festival/carnival" is now in its 16th year, which makes it 15 years longer than most thought it would last. This year, the Vans sponsored tour is stopping at 43 cities, including WPB, where the Cruzan Amphitheater will host. The bands haven't yet been announced, but stay tuned to Crossfade, as the announcement is expected this Friday.

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Brett Gillin