Countown to Freestyle Invasion II: Q&A with David of Nice & Wild!

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When someone asks me what freestyle is, I play them Nice & Wild's "Diamond Girl." This song has it all: infectious hooks, English and Spanish vocals, an ominous rap part, lyrics about love, fire, and jewelry -- and a ripping guitar solo, bro. I spent a few minutes on the phone with David from Nice & Wild, so I had to ask....

Jose el Rey: Who played the guitar solo?

David: I believe the guitarist was a friend of the manager that came through with the solo.

When you recorded "Diamond Girl," did you know it would be the iconic song it is today?

We were hoping for the best and it ended up being a fantastic record.

What was it like being a part of the Freestyle scene?

That feeling of being young and having a hit and making money doing something you love! We played four or five shows a weekend. Do the show, leave then jump in the limo and go to the next venue.

Are going to do the same dance moves and wear the same outfits you used to at the Freestyle Explosion?

We'll do some choreographed dances. We're back in the modern times, so you won't see any Hammer pants. I keep those hanging on the wall next to my gold record.

Do you think freestyle is still alive in the 21st century?

People have told me, "I gave my wife an engagement ring to this song." It's still popular in Europe and Germany and all of the world.

Why do you think we still love freestyle in Miami?

There's an actual story to the song. There's melody. A lot of the new music nowadays is just hard beats. No story. No melody.

Are you working on something now, some new music?

Yeah, but, I'm keeping everything under covers. So, when it comes out, there will be a big explosion and big hype

Is it going to be freestyle?

Whatever I do is always gonna be in the freestyle and dance genres.

Freestyle Invasion II. Featuring Taylor Dayne, Debbie Deb, Johnny O, Judy Torres, Erotic Exotic, David of Nice & Wild, Company B, Reinaldo, Freestyle Evolution, Timmy T, Corina, Sa-fire, Rockell, Sequal, and Voice in Fashion. Saturday, May 30. BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Dr., Coral Gables. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., tickets cost $28 to $58. 305-284-8244;

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Jose el Rey