Cracker to Rock Propaganda

David Lowery has a gift for writing great punk and roots rock loaded with humor and irony without straying into the land of novelty. With Camper Van Beethoven in the '80s, he gave us "Take the Skinheads Bowling" and "Eye of Fatima." Then, after CVB broke up, he got together with old friend and guitarist Johnny Hickman to form Cracker, which grabbed hits with alt-rock faves "Low," "Teen Angst," "Get Off This," and "Euro-Trash Girl." Since 1993, the lineup has bounced around a bit, but Lowery and Hickman have stuck together, and Cracker has continued to release records and tour regularly.

Cracker's current lineup includes Lowery, Hickman, drummer Frank Furnaro, and bassist Sal Maida, who joined the band in 2006. That's the lineup featured on the excellent eighth album, Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey, and also the lineup arriving in Lake Worth this Sunday night to play Propaganda. Although it's doubtful that John Doe, Patterson Hood, and Adam Duritz — all of whom were guests on the most recent album — will show up on stage, it's irrelevant. On Sunday, just do Lowery a favor and bring him his damned angel in black.

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Bradford Schmidt