Dane Cook Bails on South Florida This Saturday

Dane Cook won't be showing his face in South Florida anytime soon.

You're probably really looking forward to


Dane Cook on Saturday. He's tall, dark, and kind of handsome. He's a bro's bro, a ladies man, a man about town. Hey, we were too. We were even going to chat him up and ask him what it's like to play a jerk in movies, hit on hot actresses, and "relate to the common folk." But c'est la vie.

We just heard via Dane Cook's publicist that his show at Cruzan Amphitheatre on Saturday has been canceled. Sorry, guys. He won't be coming to South Florida. He won't be hitting on any bathing beauties on the beach. He won't be bro-ing it up with local dudes and getting trashed. "We will have to catch you next time," she said. Damn it.

We were even going to pretend to hit on him to see how he'd react. Would he be the stereotypical bro he plays in his films and hit back? Would he go all deadpan and serious and make it the most awkward conversation ever? We'll possibly never know.

If you're itching for his jokes, you can read them as he tweets 'em on @DaneCook, or you can check out his iPhone app and tell him what a douche you think he is for bailing. You know, if you dig the interwebs. Refunds are available via point of purchase.

Update: Dane Cook has canceled all of his Florida shows now because of personal matters. This includes Tallahassee, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, and Tampa. Cook says, "I appreciate all the support form my fans in Florida and I promise you all that I will be back soon."

You'll also be offered the opportunity (if you purchased a ticket for a canceled show) to be placed on a priority notification for premium seating for all of the rescheduled dates. Now we're not sure if it'll be offered at a discounted rate but hey, it's something.

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