DJs Donnie Lowe and Michael Gin Emerge from "Rave Cave" to Launch New Night, Soundbox, in Fort Lauderdale

This Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., Sandbar Fort Lauderdale will be hosting an all new party, Soundbox. The promoters promise it will be heavenly madness.

Top billing of the no cover festivities belongs to Lost Pieces, which is made up of DJ Donnie Lowe and Michael Gin. Lowe came from the house and techno side of things while Gin was more into trance. They bonded while doing a remix together for Carlo Gambino on Over Recordings and thought Lost Pieces was a perfect name considering their disparate influences ('90's hip-hop aside).

New Times caught up with DJ Donnie Lowe, the publication's reigning title holder of best DJ in Broward and Palm Beach, to ask what we could expect on Sunday and what music is currently making him whole.

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New Times: What can people expect at Soundbox on Sunday?

Donnie Lowe: Sunday, you can definitely expect to hear all of our new original, remixes and edits. (Winter Music) Conference is coming up, and we have been locked away in our rave cave producing for months now in silence. I think we have about 20 or so records finished and ready to distribute during conference, with hopefully another 6 or 7 done and ready in time for WMC.

I'm sure you will see me bouncing around like crazy. Mike is usually the one that keeps me in check. Really, we just want to have a fun party and have everyone get down to the music we enjoy making so much.

The festivities go from four to two. What differences do you have to make with your set when DJing in the afternoon as opposed to going on late at night?

Well, especially since it's an outside party on the beach it will be the more of the loungey, deeper end of us, but loaded with groove and would definitely expect to hear a lot of vocals.

Our productions fit really well for a party like this. If we were playing late night we both have been getting into a lot of techno lately, especially since I've been playing the Techno Loft at Space a good amount recently, so if you catch us headlining at night, you can definitely expect a more industrial sounding techno sound.

What music are you listening to these days?

Honestly, I try not to listen to a lot of dance music during the week. I listen to a lot of old hip-hop like Tupac, Biggie, Trick Daddy, Scarface, and Outkast. Also I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jack Johnson, and Jimi Hendrix. I love all the instruments and different sounds that these guys incorporate.

Recently, I've been listening to some newer hip-hop from guys like Kid Ink and YG and another local guy, Cashy, that I came across because Jesse Perez had used him on vocals on one of his records. I love the beats that they have been using on all their records.

When it comes to dance music, I listen on Wednesday nights for about three hours when I go through all the promos and edits I receive throughout the week. I listen to everything that is sent to me, so send away if you want to get something in my hands.

Whatever time is left, I will dig for some new records or buy a bunch of new vinyl. I have a bunch of spots that I go to automatically. You can really catch me playing everything from OFF Recordings and Hot Creations and guys like Darius Syrossian, Patrick M, and I'm really, loving these new guys out of Canada called Prince Club. I really try to listen and play all of my personal friends' music these days though. There are some really good locals and not well known producers that are making some absolutely stunning music.

Last year, New Times named you best DJ in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. What are you doing to defend that title?

That was an honor to receive that last year, was very surprising. I'm just going to stick on the path I'm on, working hard in the studio and continuously playing gigs week in and week out and the top venues in South Florida. Hopefully, this year I will do a bit more traveling for gigs. I figure the best way to get recognized is to work in silence and then let your music do the talking. If people are talking about you, you are on the right path. That is, if you're not a dick.

Soundbox, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., on Sunday, March 9, at Sandbar Fort Lauderdale, 900 Sunrise Lane, Fort Lauderdale. Visit sandbarfortlauderdale.com.

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