Doobie Brothers: Best Band Name Ever, Awesome Enduring Tunes

Doobie Brothers is indisputably the best band name of all time. A doobie, for all of those not in the know, is a joint. It's a rolled-up bit of marijuana one will smoke to get high. Oh, and the Doobie Brothers aren't brothers, except through the doob. 

The Doobies, as we'll be referring to them here, are a terribly lovable, interracial, jazzy, funky, bluesy, country-flavored rock 'n' roll group that has dominated the airwaves for like four decades. Over the years, it's had like a bazillion guys performing as part of the group. One of these men stands out as a legend: Michael McDonald. What a voice. What a man. It's hard not to have a huge crush on MMcD's singing style. It's just so wonderfully recognizable. It's addictive with a touch of corny. It's all him.

In their current incarnation, McDonald is absent, but that don't mean the Doobies can't still doobie it up. In honor of their upcoming gig at the Hard Rock Live, we put together a nice little video playlist of a few things Doobie. Enjoy.

Seriously, how succinct. What a great way to just say: Listen to this music. This song takes you on a chilled-out, stoner-friendly head journey. It's like you're just floating down the river on a sunny afternoon, high on life, and high on the weed.

Michael McDonald is a beast on the mic. Listen to that low, intense voice. It's just so sweetly shaky around the edges. It's like he really means what he's singing.

He's so cool, bet he's not even sweating up there onstage.

The Doobies are so rad that this guy made a frightfully hilarious parody of their classic "Taking It to the Streets" about Halloween. Beware: Once you watch this, you'll never listen to the song the same way again; you will always think of fake vampire teeth.

Where would you be now without these guys? Probably right where you are, in front of the computer. But where would you be without love? That's the deep and enduring question posed in "Long Train Runnin'." Deep. Really deep.

Don't act like this song doesn't repeat in your head for days after hearing it on Coast 97.3 FM. It's like crack. "Black Water" makes you miss Mississippi, even if you've never been there. The Doobies start making you sing, and they never stop.

Can't wait to see the Doobie Brothers at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino (1 Seminole Way, Hollywood) on February 24.

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