Emilie Autumn Danced in a Wheelchair and Other Choice Moments from Her Concert at Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

As musician and performer Emilie Autumn moves into the next phase of her

career -- taking her act to a London stage -- the growth is apparent in her newest tour Fight Like a Girl. More of a theatrical performance than a concert, her show at Revolution this weekend had costumes dripping in sequins, and the glitz was paired with rousing bits of comedic theater in between songs. But, even though the music was stripped down, with Emilie Autumn performing solo, it was still a captivating experience, as she packs a pair of serious pipes that most couldn't match.

And despite the lacking attendance at last night's show, you'd never know the places wasn't full as Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets performed as if it were to a sold

out arena. Here are the five wildest, sexiest, and weirdest moments from Emilie Autumn's Fort Lauderdale performance.

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5. The costumes and stage set up.
While most musicians or bands just play in a T-shirt and jeans, and usually have their name on a backdrop or lit up sign, Emilie Autumn's setup the opposite of lackluster. With attention to every detail from the enormous platforms and cages on stage to the last drop of sequin hanging on the back of the corset, there is no corner or seam left untouched.

4. The solo performance of "What Will I Remember?"
The Bloody Crumpets removed Emilie Autumn's enormous pink wig, and left her sitting in the cage alone. During an extremely dramatic moment, Autumn did a emotionally charged rendition of "What Will I Remember?" This was the first portion of the show in which Autumn was able to really showcase her vocal stylings and talent to the audience.

b>3. Emile singing and dancing in a wheelchair.
During the song "Take the Pill," Emilie was escorted toward the front of the stage in a shimmering silver and gold wheelchair. For an entire song, she sang, danced, and gyrated without standing up once. It felt a little Lady Gaga-esque, which isn't surprising as the two singers have an alleged rivalry since Autumn accused Gaga as stealing her act.

2. Veronica Varlow's burlesque performance.
Veronica Varlow, the internationally known burlesque performer did a fantastic job with her role as one of Emilie Autumn's Bloody Crumpets. In between songs -- probably when Emilie was doing a costume change -- Varlow sauntered around the stage with two huge pink feather pieces. Teasing and pleasing the audience with her busty body and sultry moves, Varlow evokes the true art of burlesque. After seeing her perform, it comes as no surprise that she was recently named as one of the 12 hottest ladies of burlesque alongside Bettie Page and Sherry Britton.

1. The rat game.
Apparently this is an infamous part of an Emilie Autumn show. During the game, Veronica Varlow calls for an "innocent" girl of legal age to come up on stage and share a kiss with her. Last night, the selected female arrived on stage bursting with excitement and continually touched herself seductively while she waited for the burlesque babe to smooch her. It was pretty hilarious, albeit awkward for the most part.

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