Fangirl Grossness: The Black Lips Are Coming to Town? We're There

Think we can all agree that as far as boy bands go, Black Lips are the cutest. It sounds and feels creepy to write this, not just because we've seen the band live probably ten times, and because when they play Grand Central on Sunday, they might even recognize this crazed fangirl in their audience, but because they're not a real boy band. Are they? But they're so adorable, and they're boys, and they make music. 

The first time we saw Black Lips was in New York in 2006. They were opening for Awesome Color or something. Back then, they were wild. They did things like make out with each other onstage and spit on the audience. Sometimes, if the legend is true, they would piss on the crowd. Sigh. That's a fucking show. 
So, over the years, we've followed Black Lips. Around the country? You ask. It's happened, we answer. Into the bathroom? You say. Well... Shame will keep our fingers away from that last question. 

We have interviewed Jared Swilley before. Stuttering through the questions written out before the phone call. Then, sweaty, stinky, and bruised from being at the bottom of the mosh pit after their Bruise Cruise 2011 preparty, we went up to him saying, "Thanks for the interview!" Ah, dorky, boy crazy, and drunk. This is how it goes sometimes. 

Needless to say, these guys put on a rad show, even when they don't pull out their dicks! Imagine that. They're fun to look at, and the music is rock 'n' roll, just dirty enough to be raw and with a twinge of pop to keep it listenable. Look, they even take cute Gram Parsonesque photos. What's not to love?!

You will love the Black Lips. You will see the Black Lips, and we'll be there with our autograph book in hand and Polaroid around our neck, panting and waving like a pervert. 

Black Lips will perform with rockers Lil Daggers and Broward's Beach Day on Sunday, March 25, at 10 p.m. at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $15. Visit grandcentralmiami.com

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