Five Reasons Gyptian's "Hold Yuh" is the Song of the Summer

Gyptian isn't a household name, but his crossover dancehall hit single "Hold You (Hold Yuh)," which is fast becoming 2010's song of the summer could change that. The lyrics can be a bit hard to follow (e.g. "Gyal, mi wann fi hold yuh") but what would you expect from a country boy reggae singer out of St. Andrews, Jamaica? Just shy of 27 years old, Gyptian first came blazing

into the reggae/dancehall scene in 2004 when he won a TV talent competition in his home country. A deal with reputable reggae label VP

Records followed, and two full length albums later, nothing has hit quite as big as "Hold You."

Five reasons Gyptian, who performs tonight at Ten Palms at Gulfstream Racetrack and Casino in Hallandale Beach,  has the jam of the summer are below.

1.Darling Nicki: Nicki Minaj is on the remix and she delivers her lyrics with a fake Jamaican accent.  You just can't go wrong with that.

2.Hearing Double: There are two official titles for this song - the Anglo/Gringo version "Hold You" and the Jamaican/Caribbean version "Hold Yuh".  When you got multiple "official titles" for a song, you're talking big shit here!

3.NSFW Subtext: The lyrics are spoken in patois and when translated to regular, all-American English, it sounds harmless - in fact, adorable - i.e. "Girl, you give me the tightest hold  me ever seen in me life." But in double-speak, "hold yuh" is slang for ... well, ya'know. 

4.Piano, Man: The tinker-box piano intro plus the damn hook is so damn catchy that you can't help but sing along.

5.Imitation = Flattery: The "Hold You" riddim (a.k.a. beat and melody) has been usurped by multiple reggae artists in Jamaica who has churned out their own version of "Hold Yuh." You just can't escape the tinker-box piano!

So with that being said, Gyptian is making his way to South Florida this Friday to not only perform his hit, "Hold You" but also to promote his third album of the same name that was just released two weeks ago. He along with up-and-comers Ichechi, Calibe and local reggae staple Waggy Tee will be holding it down at Ten Palms at Gulfstream Racetrack and Casino in Hallandale Beach. Tickets are $25 and doors open at 11PM. For more information, call 954-536-8581 or visit

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