Five Reasons We Love MuteMath

​We have a little confession to make: We didn't discover MuteMath in a traditional sense. They discovered us. They were opening for another band at a show a friend dragged us to back in 2007, and as grumpy-faced as we were, staring into our cocktails at the University of Miami, the moment we saw vocalist (and "keyboardist") Paul Meany climb the instruments onstage as he belted out the lyrics to "Control," we were instantly smitten because of his piercing stage presence.

They didn't talk to the audience all that much (that we can remember), and they aren't all devastatingly handsome enough to inspire Beatles or Bieberesque pandemonium. But something about the sheer passion of each band member changed our moods from "Ugh why am I even here" to "I'm so glad I made it."

The New Orleans-based four-piece has its sights set for Broward this week, so ahead of the band's performance on Friday, we've put together a list of five reasons why we (and you will too) love MuteMath. Check it out after the jump.

5. A recent Daytrotter session showed off their range.
Their new material sounds more akin to a bluesier Black Keys. We found out listening to their Daytrotter session, which was recorded at Studio Paradiso in San Francisco last week. At any given moment, they can go from jazz to alt rock. We like that they can actually perform a variety of different genres, and well. 

4. They independently released their debut album.
You know how you're always complaining about the world's corporate infrastructure? Well, they stuck it to the man, a man known as Warner Music Group, for not deciding what to do with their album. They opted to go it solo, releasing a special edition available only on tour and via an online store. We respect them for that.

3. The music video for Typical makes us wish we could live our lives on rewind.
Have you seen this video? This was before Ok Go came up with the whole treadmills phenomenon. Imagine how cool it would be to live your life on rewind, knowing how it all ends but not how it begins.

2. They all alternate instruments with each other while onstage -- and it looks amazing.
When we saw each member of the band switching instruments, we knew something was different about them. They've all played drums. Their shows are so high-energy that you can't help but feel energized yourself.

1. They're totally considerate of their fans and created an app to prove it.
Isn't it totally annoying when you get to a show too early and have to wait a few hours for the bands to start? Or, worse yet, when you get to a show and you've missed the opening acts? MuteMath gets that, so it created an App to tell you in real time when its shows are going to start (and when each band is up next). App-solutely awesome!  

MuteMath with Canon Blue. 8 p.m. Friday, March 16, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $38 with fees. Call 954-449-1025, or visit

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Christine Borges
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