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Furious Dudes

As an expert needle-wielder at Miami tattoo shop Ochoplacas, John Vale turns out works of art that are clean and eye-poppingly bright. But as frontman for the Miami quartet Furious Dudes, he specializes in all that is sleazy and dirty. If Vale's very enviable, awesome beard doesn't sway you immediately to listen to his band, consider this: The foursome is one of the few local acts that plays straight-up rock-'n'-fucking roll. No metal noodling, no hardcore breakdowns, just scuzzed-up, three-chord stomach punches fueled by booze and the blues — well, blues by way of the Motor City. The band remains sorely overlooked locally as it doesn't fit into any neat hipster categories. But a current (relative) flurry of activity after its recent release, Sons of Bitchin', should change that a little. See, for instance, this show at Propaganda, a rare appearance north of the Broward County line. If you love Iggy Pop and Wayne Kramer or younger guys like Turbonegro's Hank From Hell or even the Bronx's Matt Caughthran, you'll be happy to add Vale to your list of favorite frontmen.

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Arielle Castillo
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