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Gummdrops, Wynwood-based Booking Agency, Takes Over Third Thursdays at Stache

Wynwood during a Second Saturday art walk might poetically be described as a veritable Dionysian bacchanal of now sound and inner vision. Or, less poetically, as the loudest party in the largest outdoor street museum in the world. This night is unlike any other night anywhere ever, thanks to the creatives who live, work, play, and prey in the hood named Wynwood and to the people who enable those creatives.

Few are as essential to the wow of Wynwood as Dean Taha. As a board member at both Rhythm Foundation and Biscayne Waterkeeper and among the hierarchy of Ground Up Collective, Taha is in on everything from world music to saving the world. But it is as founder and head of Gumm­drops, a booking and management agency, that he influences the way the world's gonna turn. Why? Because Gummdrops reps the racketmakers who ensure the visualists get heard throughout Miami and beyond.

To that end, Gummdrops will be taking over programming at Stache 1920's Drinking Den on the third Thursday of every month, culling talent from Taha's roster. New Times sat the man down at the Butcher Shop, and asked him to bring us up to the minute.

New Times: For those who don't yet know, what's Stache?

Dean Taha: Stache is 1920s-era speakeasy-style venue that specializes in craft cocktails. It's located in the former Green Room space within the Revolution Live complex, but location is about the only thing the spot has in common with its predecessor. Oh yeah, and Stache just celebrated its first anniversary.

What's the Thursday Sound Series all about?

It's a live music platform Stache implemented a few months back in order to feature the best in South Florida talent. The night's focus is on bands, but there are DJs too. Whoever it is though, and whatever they do, it's local.

How will Gummdrops fit into this picture?

Gummdrops will be taking over programming on the Third Thursday of every month, starting in November. The focus will still be on bands, and there will still be DJs, only in this case the talent will be culled from Gummdrops' roster, which hails primarily from Miami.

Can you tell us a little about Gummdrops?

Gummdrops, the name, springs from Ground Up Music Media, which is a division of Ground Up Collective, a Wynwood-based group of artists, musicians, designers, activists and various other creatives. The Collective's homebase is GAB Studio, where you can find the work of (and at work) photographer Guy Aderhold Bridges, John Caignet's Jolt Radio, and Maria Ayala's eco-friendly Ground Up Boutique.

Gummdrops, the company, is a booking/management agency that represents a dozen or so Miami-based bands, including Krisp, Tremends, Hunters of the Alps, the Hongs, and Bluejay. I've been at it since 2011, but I've just partnered with Revolution's Jeff John and entertainment attorney Clay Davidson in order to take things to the next level. Our main endeavor will be launching a same-named record label dedicated to releasing the amazing and eclectic music that's being made in Miami. And when I say records, I do mean records, because all Gummdrops Records releases will be available in both digital and vinyl formats.

I should add that without Krisp, there'd be no Gummdrops. Seriously. That band is the reason I founded the company to begin with, and it was through them that I got tipped to how much great live music is coming outta Miami, and how much that music deserves to be heard.

Who's on tap for Gummdrops first Third Thursday?

Krisp and Millionyoung will be performing live, and DJ Charlie Woods will be spinning before, between, and after the sets. Both acts have been on many of the same bills, and Millionyoung is even remixing some of Krisp's tracks, but on Thursday they'll be performing together too. It'll be quite a night of firsts!

Do you have December's slate yet?

Yes, in December we'll have the Hongs, which is led by Gordon Myers, who's backed Aaron Johnston from Brazilian Girls, and Tony Smurphio from Afrobeta; Cog Nomen, which is Buffalo Brown from Elastic Bond and Telekinetic Walrus and Ulysses Perez; and Tremends, a trio comprised of brothers Juan and Alejo Rozas, and Alejandra Posada. Charlie Woods of Krisp will be spinning that night too.

What other Gummdrops acts might we see at Stache in the near future?

We've got a rather large roster to choose from, but at some point, in addition to those mentioned above, you can expect to catch My Deer, the Moon Caravan, Palette Town, Shanghai Meow, and the Grey 8s.

Third Thursday Sound Series. With Krisp and Millionyoung. 10 p.m. Thursday November 20, at Stache 1920's Drinking Den, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Presented by Gummdrops and Stache. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is free. Visit

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