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Gunplay Headlines Wynwood Hip-Hop Festival in Miami

Gunplay is a dreadlocked, sharkfaced cannonball. He's a roar of ink and clapping rifles. He's a hurricane of felonies, swirling in a tempest of arrest reports. It's possible that this is the Miami rapper and Maybach Music henchman's life: When he walks in a room, police dispatchers send investigators.

Every time he sneezes, the FBI writes it down. Whenever he shoots a hole through a stop sign, it's no more news than a bird chirping. He might smoke so much weed that forest fires get jealous, and drink so much bubbly, his blood type is carbonated. He's probably snorted so much blow, white lines in traffic see him and run. His gun is so big, he could call it Kareem Abdul. He's got so much money, G.W. Bush could invite him to play golf. And he's such a thug, chickenheads may cluck at his feet like birds waiting for seed.

He's also a hell of a rapper and an even better performer. Antics are his calling card. But being infamous is a lot of work, and then people start to like you more for the bad you do than for the good.

He is the unequivocal boom of a Carol City speaker wall showing the mold and grime in the corners of project housing. Gunplay is the crush of an ID card against four bags of coke and a Xanax bar.

And you know what, America? He revels in the ignominy, thus turning criminality to heroism and running off with the youth in the process. So get ready, Miami; it's Gunplay's time to shine.

He performs at the Social Lubricant this Saturday at the Wynwood Hip-Hop Festival with a crew of other rappers like Kid Fella, Verse Won, and Traumatize. The list is long, and the talent will be substantial.

Gunplay. Wynwood Hip-Hop Festival. Saturday, November 15. The Social Lubricant, 167 NW 23rd St., Miami. The show starts at 4 p.m. and tickets cost $20. Call 786-444-8647, or visit

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