H&M Announces New Location at Pembroke Lakes Mall

You know who's coming to Pembroke Lakes Mall? The fabulous Mrs. Carter!

Well, Beyonce's not actually arriving live and in the flesh, but rather her colorful H&M-only clothing line will be available before you know it, right here in Broward County. Yeah, you read right. H&M.

Who cares about Bey when H and freakin' M is coming to Pembroke Pines, baby!

There's nothing more celebrated in our consumerist world than the announcement of a new H&M or Trader Joe's location. We've got no Trader Joe's on the horizon to keep up fed cheaply, but H&M will be opening soon, clothing us in the best broke can afford.

The company recently opened up shop on Lincoln Road in the lovely Lincoln Theatre. The first South Florida store was over in Palm Beach Gardens. But the announcement of their newest location in the underwhelming Pembroke Lakes Mall, spices things up in BroCo. Now you'll be able to jot right past Hot Topic and into the fashion fantasy that is H&M.

The store will have about 20,000 square feet of fashion, including men's stuff, kids collections, lingerie, maternity, accessories, their plus-size line, their high-end stuff, and even sports apparel. So basically, you won't have to go to any other clothing store ever, even if you're pregnant, gain a hundred pounds, or fit into children's underwear.

If you look outside your window right now, there's probably a party in honor of this H&M opening going down. Though it's not totally confirmed, they're planning on a Fall 2013 opening date. So very soon, you'll be sporting a Beyonce bikini paired with every other H&M thing you could afford you to buy.

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