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Happy Birthday, Tegan and Sara!

Let's be honest here for a second. September babies are the most beautiful babies ever. That's a simple fact. Google it. Here's another moment of honesty: We all know who Tegan and Sara are, but how exactly do we know them? Let's be honest, again. It was 2004's So Jealous that brought them into the fray of mainstream consciousness.

But why are they in our collective minds? These gals make sweet ear pudding we enjoy. There's something quirky in there, something a little Punky Brewster and alternative that we can only chalk up to the waters in Calgary being murky in the flux of 1980... September 19 of 1980, to be exact.

Did their parents party too much? Is there some polite Canadian version of Studio 54 we have not heard about, eh? Regardless of which, these sirens of the guitar know what they are doing, and we celebrate their day of birth with some internet-culled videos justifying their raison d'etre. And yes, we will thank the White Stripes at some point.

It's hard to believe that at the ripe old age of 19, these gals were already making waves. Actually, no. These are waves of intention. These are waves that ripple and ebb and have such a mean undertow that you can't help but allow the ocean to dictate where you go... even if it is Davy Jones' locker.

Tegan and Sara - "Superstar"

Remember this one? This one was the one you were getting smarmy over at a cool indie bar a couple of years ago. Remember? You were trying to buy that skinny girl a drink while the DJ rocked this one out. Remember? You do, cuz you watch Grey's Anatomy.

Tegan and Sara - "You Wouldn't Like Me"

But then you went back to the drawing board, built some cred, made sure the next time you got shot down at the bar, you'd have a fighting foot to work with. Oh well, if anything, it's a good song. You can always cry yourself to sleep. Their voices are sweet enough.

Tegan and Sara - "Monday Monday Monday"

We did promise a shoutout to the White Stripes because quite frankly, it's through their bluesy demeanor that most of us know about these gals anyways. It's true. And from all the tracks they've covered, this one probably makes the most sense. Let's be honest again: Like sweet old friends, Jackie-boy looks like a fucking ghost himself. And apparently he walks.

The White Stripes - "Walking With a Ghost"

And the original, you remember? Right? Yeah, yeah you do.

Tegan and Sara - "Walking With a Ghost"

Here's something sweet out of 2009's Sainthood album. We love these gals! You do too! Remember! They cry over you!

Tegan and Sara - "Alligator"

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