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How High Can Method Man and Redman Get Revolution?

Is there a more beloved duo in hip-hop than Method Man and Red? Known for their sharply hilarious contributions to albums like 1999's Blackout!, they've also appeared in deodorant commercials, the stoner cult classic How High, and a short-lived Fox sitcom, Method and Red — tag line: "Puttin' the urban in suburban."

Indelible pop-culture creatures, both are accomplished weed smokers, but it's their dichotomy that really makes these two so much fun. Red has the higher voice, more unkempt appearance, and reckless rapping style, while the manicured Meth possesses nearly perfect cadence. On their new collaboration, Blackout! 2, the subject matter is predictable (chicks, blunts, chicks smoking blunts), while both guys have passed their lyrical peak. But the album is still solid and funny throughout, with urgent beats from Pete Rock and Erick Sermon.

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