Hurly-Burly Burlesque: Reunited, and It Feels So Good

Have you been feeling as deprived of the bootylicious babes of Hurly-Burly Burlesque as we have lately? Have you and your girlfriends solemnly resorted to the washboard abs and kneepads of LaBare to get your fix of flesh? Well, grab a Kleenex and wipe away those tears, ladies and sexuality-confident gents, because everyone's favorite troupe of not-so-manscaped misfits are back for their re-debut on Friday, October 18, at Propaganda Lake Worth.

We caught up with the band of brothers who proclaim their "hibernation was to restore and conserve their sexual powers," or prowess, if you ask us. While they consider themselves the opposite of bears, whatever that means, the Burly boys tell us "following the the trend of midseason finales like Breaking Bad, we're ready to premiere the second half of of our debut, of our second season." We can only hope these dancing machines don't pull a Heisenberg.

In preparation for their appropriately themed Bill and Ted's Bogus Burlesque Journey, we asked the beasts of brawn what past or present celebrities or historical figures they'd like to see on the Hurly-Burly stage. Enjoy.

Teddy Roosevelt

We can only assume that former President Ted Roosevelt didn't quite have these bears in mind when promoting the conservation movement. But the Hurly-Burly bears think he'd be a better host, "and he would hunt us for sport."

Paul Bunyan

While tall Paul is the epitome of burly, the guys say he's their pick because "he's the only character taller than [show cohost] Patrick P. Smash." This brings a whole new meaning to lumberjacks.

Johnny Depp

"He's the only man cuter than dancer Billy Butch," say team Burly. We're not complaining about either.

Bruce Willis

Dancer Butt Reynolds' top pick is ol' Bruce, who gets the nod "because we could do an act called Die-Hard-On."

Jebadiah Springfield

"Because A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man." D'oh.

Hurly-Burly Burlesque's Bill and Ted's Bogus Burlesque Journey, 9 p.m. Friday, October 18, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. $5 entry.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.