Hurly Burly Burlesque Shares Its Favorite 1980s Videos

Move over, bedazzled bodices, feather frocks, and rhinestone pasties. There's a new burlesque in town. And if you're thinking Hurly Burly Burlesque is anything like those muscly, baby-oil-slathered, overly tanned Chippendale's dudes, think again. What this gritty, bearded, tattooed and, well, fitness-disinclined band of burlyesque "dancers" brings is beyond your wildest, or furriest, dreams.

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This weekend, the boys are back at 5 Points Lounge to shamelessly mock the 1980s with a video party. Let's hope for a sensual rendition of "Love Bites" or perhaps a hair-swinging strip tease to "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." We'd be lying if we said weren't looking forward to a little of their sugar-pouring, Camero-humping, high-waisted denim-shorts-wearing strutting.

They'll project hours of '80s bangers, complemented by a slew of half nekkid dudes. In honor of this flashback ("Flashdance," anyone?) Friday-night party, we asked the Hurly Burly-ers to give us their top five fave 1980s music videos, which, we're told, may or may not be part of their routine. 

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Lizzie Rae