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Ingrid Michaelson With Sugar and the Hi-Lows - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - October 16

Better than: Staying in and watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Thanks to hit songs such as "Be OK," "You and I," and the newly released "Blood Brothers," Ingrid Michaelson has made her way into our homes and hearts with her signature ukulele-infused indie-pop sounds. Last night, the charming and surprisingly sassy Ingrid Michealson brought her fall acoustic tour to the Culture Room.

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Opening last night's show was the Nashville based duo Sugar and the Hi-Lows. Composed of singer/songwriters Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs, the pair has found a way to marry the worlds of indie music to bluesy rock without it sounding gimmicky.

Needing no introduction, the Hi-Lows arrived onstage and immediately kicked the set off with "Two Day High." Wasting no time, the duo kept the energy up with the rock 'n' roll-influenced track "See It for Yourself" in which Amy Stroup busted out a glitter-filled tambourine. There was definitely a few "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" heard from the audience as if they had seen fireworks go off.

"We have so much Fort Lauderdale love. I rode a bike to the ocean today and jumped in with all my clothes on. You can't do that in Nashville." said Amy.

After playing a few tracks off their self-titled album, and a brilliant cover of the Lumineers, "Hey Ho," Stroup plugged in a tiny little Christmas tree at the foot of the stage. Spreading the holiday cheer before Halloween could've felt off, but it was only fitting as the band has just released a Christmas album. 

Throughout the set, Amy Stroup spewed out a few comedic one liners, but guitarist and sometimes kick drummer Trent Dabbs is clearly the more talkative half of the duo. Or at least he was last night. Sharing stories about their songs and asking the audience to jokingly indulge in his idiotic antics, Dabbs isn't afraid to interact with the crowd. And together, the Hi-Lows bring the show's atmosphere to a more intimate level.

"This concludes the heavy mellow portion of the show." laughed Trent. 

Toward the end of the set, the duo performed "Odds of Being Alone," the first song they wrote together, which ended up on the popular television show, Parenthood. Followed by the duo's rendition of the Black Keys' "Everlasting Light," the Hi-Lows closed the performance with the crowd participatory "Think I Said Too Much."

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