Instagram Captures Dirty Blondes' Bouncers Beating Patron

What happens when you mix extremely cheap booze, overly aggressive bouncers, and the hot, late summer sun beating down on the Fort Lauderdale Beach boardwalk?

If you've ever been to Dirty Blondes, chances are you've personally witnessed things teeter on the brink of disaster at least once. The quintessential beach dive, home to such greats as the Bar Olympics and $2 domestic drafts, has seen its fair share of inebriated patrons taking things just a step too far.

But this Instagram video posted by user keelan_lftm_dumont yesterday afternoon catches the venue's bouncers beating a patron -- a routine bout of daytime drinking gone violent.

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Note:The original video posted by user keelan_lftm_dumont was removed from Instagram. An identical clip has been uploaded to YouTube (see above).

Here's a comment from Mary Ann Crespo, a friend of the patrons involved in the confrontation, giving her explanation of what went down via Facebook:

"This is a video of my friend Stephanie & her boyfriend, Alex. They were at Blondies yesterday, got a drink they didn't like, asked for a new one (offering to pay for both) & then got verbally attacked by the bartender. When they asked the security guys at the door for the manager, this is what happened! I hope they sue Blondies and the employees get arrested! If I lived in Florida, Blondies would never get a penny from me ever again! This is horrible & disgusting. Please help them & share this video. It could've happened to anyone of you out for your Sunday Funday."

According to sources, when the alleged victim, Alexander Coelho, returned to the scene to try to explain to the cops how he had been treated by the Dirty Blondes security guards, Coelho was arrested on two charges, battery on an officer and disorderly conduct. Friends of Coelho say he and another victim in the incident are "both nice and not the type of kids to start problems with bouncers."

When contacted regarding the incident, Dirty Blondes management declined comment.

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