Jabrjaw and Mike Astrea Debut 7Steps2Hell at Propaganda's Black Lodge with Astrea Corp, Bleubird, and Ichabod

Saturday night at Propaganda in Lake Worth, rapper Jabrjaw threw one "hell" of a party complete with satanic imagery projected behind the stage and a slew of hip-hop and electronic-tinged experimental acts associated with the former music collective Black Locust Society. He also premiered his new project with the Astrea Corporation's Mike Astrea, 7Steps2Hell.

For the first hour or so, Jabrjaw was absolutely killing it on the tables, stepping out now and again to dance a bit and say whatever he felt at that moment, like: "It's my show. If you got a problem with it, come talk to me."

Throughout, his DJ set was an eclectic mix of schools old and new, he really hit his stride with some down-tempo tracks steeped in abysmal darkness. He did however get comfortably "Golden-Era" enough to allow for some dope breaking dancing from the guys of Catalyst.

When the bar hit critical crowd mass, he evidently decided that the time was right for the real show, one with a microphone.

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Daniel J. Stout
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