Jack Johnson Tour Stop Will Actually Make Air Cleaner in West Palm Beach

Even if Jack Johnson's mellow, acoustic slices of unbridled happiness aren't for everyone, at least when he comes to Cruzan Amphitheatre August 26 as part of his just-announced U.S. tour, he won't be screwing with our lungs. (We have a feeling that Lady GaGa fans will need more of a consolation after discovering that there's no South Florida date listed among her fresh tour dates.) As per usual, Johnson had the planet on his mind when he recorded To the Sea, out June 1, at his two (!) solar-powered studios: The Mango Tree in Hawaii and the Solar

Powered Plastic Plant in Los Angeles.

In case you were wondering how seriously Johnson takes his environmentally friendly touring practices:

Greening actions include fueling tour vehicles with sustainable

biodiesel, offering eco-friendly tour merchandise, and promoting ride

share programs. In addition, venues and fans are encouraged to reduce

waste, recycle, use water refill stations and offset carbon emissions.

Yep, and all of the proceeds from his upcoming U.S. tour, which runs July 9 through October 14, will go to charity. We would tell the haters to go put that in their pipe and smoke it, but that would release noxious chemicals into the air. Tickets go on sale April 10.

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