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Jam Cruise 12's Five Best Acts to See at Sea

Music is always a little extra-special when it's being played in the middle of the ocean. For instance, when the Titanic was going down, and the band played on. That was not normal chamber music.

Similarly, but in a much, much, much more cheerful way, the music aboard Jam Cruise is always outstanding. There are rare collaborations, sunrise acoustic sets, all-night just-not-gonna-stop-'cause-we're-on-a-freakin'-boat jams.

Next January, Jam Cruise shoves off for the twelfth time. And folks are already getting excited. The line-up has been announced, and to celebrate, Boca's Funky Biscuit will be hosting a Jam Cruise Launch Party Wednesday night featuring 2014 Jam Cruisers Orgone and local jazz-funk-fusion band Fusik.

In the spirit of getting fired up way ahead of time, here are five Jam Cruise 12 acts which are sure to be awesomely not normal.

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5. Les Claypool's Duo de Twang

Claypool always brings something interesting to a festival, floating or otherwise. For the Cruise he'll be alongside a man named Mirv, who will be rocking the slide guitar. The result will be weird, funky, and, well, twangy.

4. Bootsy Collins & The Funk Unity Band

Bootsy on a boat. Fishies below will be shaking their tails. Davy Jones will dance. Funk power!

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