Jay Leno cares about the kids.
Jay Leno cares about the kids.
Photo by Mitchell Haaseth

Jay Leno To Perform at Boca West Foundation’s Concert for the Children

Tomorrow, stand-up comedian and talk show host Jay Leno will be in — of all places — Boca Raton. The comedian is performing at Boca West Foundation’s “A Concert for The Children.”

The charity event will raise money for over 15 local charities focused on helping at risk children. “We were thrilled to work out an arrangement that he could appear here,” Arthur Adler, Chairman of the Boca West Charitable Foundation, told New Times. Alder called Leno “an extremely caring and giving person” and respects and admires his humanitarian efforts.

The Boca West Foundation specializes in providing food, clothes, and medicine to children in need. The organization also offers special programs for kids, and mentors children in a wide variety of subjects, including music. So if you’re feeling charitable and you’re in the mood for a laugh, you can totally justify spending $150 for a ticket.

The Boca West Foundation is no stranger to celebrities, last year’s event featured headliner and superdiva Diana Ross. But this time they were looking specifically for someone with a history of humanitarianism. Jay Leno came to their minds immediately according to Adler. Most of us know Leno as a beloved comedian and late night talk show host, but not as many are aware of his altruistic side. The comedian has been an avid supporter of charities such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital over the years. And now he's coming to Boca to continue his support.

Adler said Leno went out of his way to ask about the foundation in order to deliver a personalized stand-up routine. Though, we'll have to see if Leno can resist the urge to make at least one Boca botox joke. Leno will follow a performance by Jersey Boys tribute band, Atlantic City Boys, who have performed before at the Hard Rock Live and other South Florida venues.

The foundation is expecting quite the crowd with an estimated 1,500 guests so you might want to get there early to make sure you have somewhere to park. Thankfully the concert will be held outdoors at the AKOYA Amphitheatre on the Great Lawn of the Boca West Country Club, so you don’t have to worry about literally rubbing elbows with anyone.  

Boca West Foundation: A Concert for the Children starring Jay Leno. Tuesday, March 31, at 8 p.m. The event will take place in the Boca West Country Club, located at 20583 Boca W Dr., Boca Raton. Tickets cost $150, visit bocawestfoundation.org or call 561-488-6980. 

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