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Jimkata Asks You to "Come Out and Join Us for the Party"

At the end of the opening verse of Jimkata's recent single, "Night Shade," lead singer Evan Fridell delivers a telling line: "There never was a Golden Age 'cause it's what you make of it anyway." 

On their latest release, 2012's Die Digital, the Ithaca-based electro-rock jam outfit sounds like a wealthy band, and indeed they are. Though they bunk together in motel rooms and chow continental breakfast, there is nothing impoverished about their endeavor.

Die Digital is a fan funded product which is as rich with new musical ideas as it is with the warm love of the devotees who helped bring it into existence. "It feels like a very strong statement of where we're at today," said Fridell. And people are digging it. "We're getting a lot of people out at shows these days just because they heard the record."

Tracks such as "Night Shade" have a deep electronic base, spacious enough for extended closed-eye journeying, with an uplifted kick that makes it utterly danceable. Groovy synth lines and dreamy guitar provide a glimmering atmosphere for Fridell's strong vocal delivery, which gives it a personal touch in the midst of the unique, poppy trance. When playing live, the band jams extensively.

Like all good wealth, Jimkata's is well earned. Years of applied inspiration (read: work) in the upstate New York arts incubator that is Ithaca garnered a sizable following, and a couple of years ago, the band found itself at a peak which all working bands aspire to reach: the point of quit-your-day-job-and-tour

"It kind of just happens," recalls Fridell. "There comes a point where you're forced to make a decision, whether the money is there or not." Jimkata took the leap, and has been on the road for most of the last two years.

This week, Jimkata will make two stops in South Florida: Thursday at Tobacco Road in Miami, and Friday at the Funky Buddha in Boca Raton. "We hope to have some people come out and join us for the party!" said Fidell. 

To help you on your way, check out "Night Shade" below.

Jimkata. With Afrobeta and DJ Scotty Soloman. 9p.m. Friday, April 19 at Funky Buddha, 2621 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton. Tickets cost $8-10. Click here.

Jimkata. 10p.m. Thursday, April 18 at Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Click here.

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