Johnny Depp is Single: Ten Songs to Get You Through a Breakup

Hearts are breaking quicker than Kim Kardashian's last marriage. Zooey and Ben. Katy and Russell. And now Johnny Depp has separated from 14-year partner Vanessa Paradis.

Maybe you deal with a breakup by throwing on some Portishead, downing a bottle of liquor in the bathtub, all while crying your eyes out. Or perhaps you're the type of person who is going to craft a voodoo doll and seek revenge.

Here's a list of songs to listen to while you slash his tires or stalk her on Facebook.

10. Ryan Adams - "Come Pick Me Up"

9. The Smiths - "I Know it's Over"

8. Alanis Morissette - "You Oughta Know"

7. Ben Folds Five - "Song for the Dumped"

6. Rilo Kiley - "Breakin' Up" 5. No Doubt - "Don't Speak" 4. Beyonce - "Irreplaceable" 3. Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way" 2. Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry on Their Own" 1. Cee Lo Green - "Fuck You"

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