Journey's Deen Castronovo Will "Really Blow Your Mind"; Talks Sopranos and Social Distortion

Deen Castronovo might just be the complete embodiment of the American dream. His résumé is enviable, and with four decades holding down the skins for some of rock's biggest names, he hasn't been above some surprises. Although he might be predominantly known as Journey's longest-running drummer since joining its ranks in 1998, his CV includes stints with Ozzy Osbourne, Wild Dogs, Steve Vai, and Social Distortion.

But like all good supermen, Deen's a humble man who continually feels blessed to be involved with one of rock's biggest acts, and hearing him talk about the overall experience, you'll have to pinch yourself a few times over to realize that you are not talking to a kid fresh out of the conservatory. A powerhouse drummer and clearly a versatile one at that, Deen is also known for his vocals and instruction methodology.

With Journey poised to kick off the second leg of its three-year Eclipse Tour with a two-night stay at Hard Rock Live, Deen is a joyous man full of bonhomie who took the time to speak with us while working with his fiancée to "furniture up" and decorate their new home. We can only hope we helped stave off some of his home chores.

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Abel Folgar