Karu & Y is No More, Ice Palace Studios Reclaims West Building

Ice Palace Studios
​It was about fucking time. According to a press release, the on-life-support venue known as Karu & Y has ceased to exist. In fact, Ice Palace Studios, which owns the lease to the building, is taking it back and reclaiming it as part of the complex, henceforth known as the West Building.

Karu & Y failed on so many levels it would take too long of blog to name the ways. But in a nutshell, convincing an upscale crowd that Overtown was a happening place to party was never going to happen. Pair that with a mediocre restaurant charging absurd prices, and its failure was guaranteed.

The change goes effectively immediately, so all WMC 2010 events scheduled for Karu & Y are now technically taking place at Ice Palace Studios, which is divide up as the East Buidling, with the entrance at North Miami Avenue, and the West Building, with the entrance at NW 14th Street.

Owner Eugene Rodriguez says, "We feel there is a real need for elegant and flexible spaces where people can produce creative events of all kinds and strive to be an effective resource for South Florida's tourism and advertising industry, as well as the local community which is in dire need of a space of this nature."

The venue will now focus exclusively on being a production facility as well as hosting events of various sizes.

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