Keller Williams

The quirky and quizzical Keller Williams once again returns to South Florida with his one-man band. He's a festival staple and always a highlight in that setting — but his club shows are downright rapturous. No matter how big the room, K-Dub always manages to produce a basement-party sing-along vibe. A true entertainer, he has the ability to mix his incredibly clever original material with perfectly timed classic covers to provoke pure hilarity.  

Attending a Keller performance is akin to stumbling upon a rerun of The Joy of Painting. Channeling the cool, calm approach of that show's famous host, Bob Ross, Williams makes his own task seem effortless, using his self-taught, multi-instrumentalist skills and looping machines to create a symphonic effect.

His new album, Odd, follows right in line with his previous 12 one-word-titled discs, touching on everyday themes in a matter-of-fact, conversational tone. Standout track "Environmental Song" kicks off along the line of tunes with carpe-diem themes. "Day at the Office" mockingly tells Blender magazine (now defunct!) to "eat shit" following a negative review, and "Doobie in My Pocket" documents a paranoid flying experience.  

At Revolution this weekend, watch the barefoot songster crack his knuckles and tackle a seemingly endless bag of tricks. Know that he could perform anything from the Grateful Dead's powerful "Terrapin Station" to Tenacious D's playful and perverse "Kielbasa."

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Matt Beck