Lady Gaga Fashion on Display at Town Center in Boca Raton This Weekend

Lady Gaga is not the first artist with a

kooky, eye-catching wardrobe -- nor will she be the last. The

fashion parade presented by James Brown, Madonna, Elton John, Prince and, hell,

even Liberace has kept goofy getups integrated in pop music for decades. She's all the rage and has proven her willingness to make a spectacle of herself and dress in ways

that would make the rest of us simply feel silly.

One enterprising

organization has taken Miss Gaga's eccentricities to its advantage by

spotlighting an original array of Gaga-inspired fashions. One can only

imagine what will be wrought by an onslaught of feathers, chains,

mirrors, oversized headgear, and other unlikely accouterments when the

so-called "Design Wars" event unveils these wares as part of the "Simon

Fashion Now" festivities taking place at Town Center in Boca Raton this Saturday.

Ten local fashion designers, chosen by Town Center's Facebook followers, will see their ostentatious designs spring to life and scrutinized by an all-star panel of judges who apparently have the wherewithal to deem these outfits outrageous enough to meet the Lady's standards, whatever those may be. The panel is composed of local celebs like Michelle Visage, namesake host of Michelle Visage in the Morning on 93.9 MIA FM. I'm told that aside from being a former VH1 reporter and successful recording artist (she recorded a pair of Top 10 hits with the group Seduction), she was previously a celebrity judge on the LOGO Network's RuPaul's Drag Race
It has nothing to do with racing cars, I'm told. So much for my knowledge of reality shows that foster cross-dressing competitions. 

Boca's own American Idol Season 10 contestant Brett Loewenstern will also serve on the judging panel, as will Joanie Cox, a local lifestyle writer and fashion blogger. 

Presumably the winning entry will be the one that strikes the judges as being weird, wacky, and fit only for a pop star whose primary talent consists of coming up with costuming designed to shock and surprise her fans. That leaves me out of the running. But you never know -- maybe next year someone will sponsor a competition where the winner will be the one with the most faded jeans or perhaps the best-preserved Beatle boots. If so, you can count me in.

"Design Wars" takes place Saturday, September 24, from noon to 1 p.m. at Town Center at Boca Raton. Visit here.

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Lee Zimmerman