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Live: All Time Low at Revolution, March 31

All Time Low

With Yellowcard, Hey Monday,

and the Summer Set

Revolution, Fort Lauderdale

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Better Than: Doing dirty work of any sort.

The Review: The crowd waiting outside Revolution on Thursday looked like a bunch of punks. Not those punk hoodlums our parents used to refer to when talking about troublemakers, but a group of mostly high school aged expressively dressed punks. Some of the girls were dressed a bit more scantily, while others went for a look that matched their tattoos and piercings.

Although Hey Monday's had a lot of success with "I Don't Wanna Dance," dancing is something lead singer Cassadee Pope did well throughout their set. When the "Ooh"-ing part came, everyone knew how to chime in and clapped along with Cassadee. One of the highlights of their set was "Candles," which began a more intimate one, using acoustic guitar, and sparked imagery of following one's dreams even when the road getting there is dark and cold at times. 

Yellowcard really brought the firepower -- not only do you see the fire behind their eyes, but you feel the hunger in their guts. Sean Mackin, violinist, probably played every note that existed on the instrument. Impressively, everyone knew the words to "Ocean Avenue" and "Way Away," considering most of the concert-goers were pre-teens when Yellowcard first came out. A highlight of the night was their new track "For You and Your Denial."  

A light show of red, orange, blue, green and bright white streamed out over All Time Low during their set. They playfully catered to the girls with their cool demeanor. Jokes came in large doses, but their music spoke for itself. Some of the best moments came during "Jasey Rae," "Therapy," and "Remembering Sunday." Alex Gaskarth, frontman, said "Therapy" went out to anyone who was told the way they think and feel is wrong. "You can keep all your misery," he sang, as random flying objects were tossed onto stage. To cool off the sweaty crowd, Alex proceeded to spurt water from his mouth like a water sprinkler would.  By the end of the set, there were over 15 bras on the mic stand. 

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: My favorite part of the night was when Yellowcard played "Way Away." Getting to hear it live was much more powerful than blasting it on my car radio was in high school.

Random Detail: Crowd surfing ended not so well for a couple of girls who looked like they fell into a sinkhole when somebody didn't push them along to the front.

Random Detail #2: The bras on the mic stand were of all sizes and colors, but it was the bracelet tossed on stage with Alex's name on it that got his attention.

Random Detail #3: Water was the drink of choice over beer.

Overheard: "We can do Justin Bieber, we can do All Time Low." (said by a group of girls running by)


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