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Live: Anthony Green at Culture Room, March 18

Anthony Green
With Jacob's Ladder
Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale 
Friday, March 18, 2011

Better Than: Getting hit with flying objects. 

The Review: ​Anthony Green, lead singer of Circa Survive, came out with his first solo album in 2008 called Avalon. His second solo album called Beautiful Things, is in the works. While he did not pinpoint the date the new album is coming out, he said he hopes it is sooner rather than later. The concert at Culture Room was all about Green's new material from Beautiful Things, and songs from Avalon. The figurative cherry on top was towards the end of the night when he said to his fans, "You can do this shit. There's nothing exceptional about me," that preluded into the song, "No One Can Stop Us."   

It was a soulful experience on stage and for the people huddled together on the floor. Anthony Green often spoke to the audience directly and introduced his 14-year-old sister-in-law, Stephanie, to fans as the opening act. She had a permeating innocence that illuminated through in her lyrics. "For the first time in the daylight," she sang, as a nice contrast to Culture Room's dark atmosphere. With no pick, she strummed the acoustic guitar and played steadily and sweetly. 

Jacob's Ladder busted out next with a mix of Reggae and emotive rock songs. Their new EP, Back to Life, hyped up the crowd. Bassist Sammy Gonzalez jumped and danced around the stage, making each song come to life even more. Everyone from Jacob's Ladder sings, and they raised their arms toward the ceiling almost like they were having a prayer answered. The energy of these musicians just became organic and free, looking both in control while getting lost in the music. On the song, "Enchantment," the crowd swayed back and forth and embraced.   

Anthony Green began his set with the lyrics, "When you're talking to me, I can't breathe." When he got to the lyric, "She still loves me," he paused to say "Thank fucking God." He played, "She Loves Me So," off Avalon, and a song he wrote for his son off Beautiful Things. The lyrics, "You grow up to hate me, then we will be the same, I'll love you no matter what," had an up-tempo lullaby feel that sounded beautifully fitting for the new album.

At one point, Green said, "All I wish is that all of you are on stage and hear a bunch of drunk people yell shit at you." He then laughed as he took in some of the comments from the crowd. As he sang, "Drug Dealer," he got emotional. It had a bluesy, raspy quality that seemed to just drag all grit from his soul. All of his songs come from a place of experience and passion that flows through his veins. It was beautiful to see Beautiful Things come to life.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Anthony Green used my capo on his acoustic guitar.

The Crowd: Mostly teen guys and girls with some 20-somethings mixed in.

Overheard: "It's mine, bitches!" (someone yelled it in reference to catching a water bottle) 

OH #2: "Let me touch your afro!" (in reference to bassist of Jacob's Ladder)

Random Detail: Someone threw a coin at Anthony Green and yelled "Catch!"

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