Live: Sliders and Spirits at Poor House

Equal parts foodie event, art show, and live concert: Wednesday's Sliders and Spirits event at Poor House combined everything good about the local scene and showed a natural progression for a watering hole that's undergone a huge face-lift over the past couple of years.

Case in point, not one person was drinking PBR during this event. Although Poor House is known

for its wide selection of fine craft beers, the place usually fills up

with dudes with perfect hair, wearing skinny jeans and tightly clutching

their cans of cheap suds. The change in beverage consumption was so

noticeable, I nearly had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw a

girl drinking a glass of red wine.

Three gourmet sliders later, New Times pal Chris Horgan stepped onto the stage. The

Sweet Bronco frontman was going it alone tonight, first sitting behind a

piano for a stark and beautiful cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "The

Boxer." County Grind was introduced to this cover back in March, but seeing it live was quite a treat.  

Erin Hilburn
Chris Horgan

played for more than an hour, both behind the piano and on guitar. He

alternated between covers including Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" and originals like

"Crush Crush."


he took a seat at the piano once more, the gentle opening notes of

Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" filled the air. Most Neil fans claim After the Gold Rush or his

work with Crosby, Stills, and Nash. But Harvest Moon is my album, and

Chris' version took me back to a ride in the back seat of my parents'

car, circa 1992.

Up next was Lavola, which had its album Leaving Paris named New Times Best Of 2011 Reader's Choice. As soon as the first

song kicked in, I found myself bouncing up and down to the beat. They're

so damned easy to dance to, and frontman Julian Cires was a blast to

watch -- all swinging

hips and guitar, spinning in circles. Drummer Brian Weinthal held the

rhythm steady, making much of the crowd do a little shimmying. Lavola has

an unmistakable At the Drive In influence, but they're not as

scattered. The band kept things tight and focused. 

Erin Hilburn

what seemed like the longest wait of the evening, Young Circles began

their sound check. The bassist did a fair amount of noodling at the outset. The first song started

out slow and spacy, but soon the band launched into full-on

assault, with big fuzzy guitars and crashing drums.

Erin Hilburn
Young Circles
Young Circles played a great set. It was laid-back and smooth,

then switched to a big heavy rock sound that smashed the room to pieces. A veritable "genre soup," according to my

boyfriend. Perfect

description for a band of guys unafraid to play with guitar feedback,

effects, and dreamy synthesizers.

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Erin Hilburn