Mike Posner: I Can Rap Better Than Ludacris Can Sing

Things are hopefully erring on the verbally vicious side of things for Ludacris and Mike Posner's Red Bull Soundclash event happening New Year's Eve at Bayfront Park in Miami.

In a four-round musical battle royale, the two artists will each hustle hard to outdo each other. In general, it feels like the audience for the free event will end up with a victory. Although we had initially predicted that Posner could bring out Lil Wayne as a musical guest to deliver a "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" knockout punch for the final round, maybe he'll opt for his pal Katy Perry.

We're already predicting an over-caffeinated draw, but Posner seems to think he has an advantage in this showdown. Read our Q&A with the strapping young R&B star below.

County Grind: Have you ever been in a fight? And what was the outcome?

Mike Posner: I got my ass kicked pretty bad when I was in high school. No one's taken any shots at me since.

What type of a competitor are you?

I'm a terribly sore loser. I've been known to punt basketballs after 4 on 4 losses.

What are you most worried about in your clash with Ludacris? What should he be most worried about right now?

Luda is an amazing performer. I'm honored to be doing this show with him. I had the opportunity to see him play in Australia last year. He did an hour of straight singles. I feel like I can rap better than he can sing though. We shall see.

What sort of extra training have you done to prepare for this event?

I've been listening to a lot of Bone Thugs. I'm gonna be rapping a lot of fast ass Luda verses with melody. It's gonna be ill.

How many Red Bulls are you going to drink over the course of the event, and how will that affect your performance?

Somewhere in between one and five. That will probably coincide with the number of time I stage dive.

Ludacris vs. Mike Posner. Red Bull SoundClash. 7 p.m. Saturday, December 31, at Bayfront Park, Miami. Admission is free. Click here.

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