Misfits - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - August 25

I ain't afraid to admit my first exposure to the Misfits was secondhand. I didn't grow up listening to punk rock or bands that liked to dress up. But original Metallica bassist Cliff Burton looked pretty cool always wearing his Misfits T-shirt, and Metallica sounded just as awesome playing Misfits standards like "Last Caress" and "Green Hell" on Garage Days Re-revisited.

I'm a grownup now though, and not so sure I want to see an aging rock band of any genre perform live. Any band 30 years past its glory days, and you're venturing into Geritol Warriors territory. Usually, there's only one original member, and who exactly is going to these concerts anyway? Fifty year olds wearing Ed Hardy shirts sipping top shelf liquor? Sometimes.

When the Misfits played a free gig on Thursday at Florida Atlantic University and were set to play another free concert in West Palm Beach on Saturday, I wondered who was going to pay full price to see them on a rainy Friday night in Fort Lauderdale. A packed house, that's who.  

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Christian Clarke
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