Mo'Booty Bringing Surf Noir to Dada July 7

Visual artist Monica McGivern and musician-about-town Alexandre "Booty" Merbouti are a little like Bennifer and Brangelina. Their band, Miami art rockers Mo' Booty, got its name when the pair decided to join forces. "Monica lived for a couple months at noise rock legend, Rat Bastard’s recording studio." Merbouti reminisced.  "She...
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Like Bennifer and Brangelina before them, Miami art-rock group Mo'Booty got its name when visual artist (and New Times photographer) Monica McGivern and musician-about-town Alexandre "Booty" Merbouti decided to join forces.

"Monica lived for a couple months at noise-rock legend Rat Bastard's recording studio," Booty reminisces about their origin. "She was documenting the bands that came through the door on a daily basis and was surrounded by music. She mentioned she wanted to learn to play guitar, and I told her to get the Hofner that was hanging on the wall. I taught her a bassline we could jam on and a few jams and a couple of hours later, she tells me she wants to play a show."

"It's important to us to create a multisensory experience that is unique and engaging to the audience."

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Since adding drummer Danny Calle to the mix, the band has played a seemingly endless number of shows around South Florida as well as an impromptu performance at South by Southwest. "We went with a DIY mentality that if you work hard and are nice to people, people will give you opportunities to prove yourself. We began with no shows booked and nowhere to stay," McGivern says of their trek to Austin, Texas. "We were given the opportunity to play alongside international touring bands such as Thee Oh Sees, La Luz, Ezra Furman, and Yonatan Gat."

Both Mo and Booty see their music as a love letter to South Florida. "I've spent years of my life focused on documenting the South Florida music scene," says McGivern. "Going to local shows gave me an opportunity to meet so many talented creatives. I'd listen — and still listen — to demo recordings of new bands while I drove literally thousands of miles back and forth on I-95 from Palm Beach to Dade counties. Mo'Booty is the result of years' worth of inspiration of musicians who have passed through."

Booty was quick to list the band's multitude of outside influences: "I've always been into noir films, and the soundtracks to old detective movies have always fascinated me. We are also influenced by early-'60s surf instrumentals as well as bands like the Cramps and Birthday Party."

You'll be able to check out the group's trademark brand of surf-noir as Mo'Booty plays July 7 at Dada, where it'll debut a gaggle of new songs over the course of two 45-minute sets. The gig will be locals' last chance to catch the band for a while since their plan for the next few months is to tour out-of-state as well as record their first album, which they hope to put out by the end of the year.

McGivern says Mo'Booty is fully on its way to merging the members' visual arts and musical backgrounds. "It's important to us to create a multisensory experience that is unique and engaging to the audience."

10:30 p.m. Thursday, July 7, at Dada, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. Admission is free. Visit for more information.

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